Gremlin Release Notes

Below you’ll find notes describing what’s new with the Gremlin suite of products.


Host (daemon) & Client (CLI) [2.8.14]

  • Resolved an issue where syscheck on a container would hang if the NET_ADMIN capability wasn’t present, a relevant error message is now returned

ALFI Java Client Library [0.5.1]

  • The GREMLIN_ALFI_IDENTIFIER is required (previously was optional) when authenticating your application with Gremlin

Control Plane API [1.3.21]

  • Creating an ALFI attack that overlaps with an existing attack will fail
  • Datadog integration now supports ALFI

Web App

  • Resolved an issue where hostnames and IP addresses were shown incorrectly when cloning an attack
  • When creating an ALFI attack, previously used Application Type values will be available and searchable
  • To simplify attack creation, advanced fields will be initially hidden


Host (daemon) & Client (CLI) [2.8.13]

  • Signature-based auth using certificates is the expected authentication method, supported for hosts and containers
  • Syscheck now works with Docker containers

ALFI Java Client Library [0.5.0]

  • Install with Maven now available
  • Client library modules available individually
    • alfi-core Core library required for all ALFI functionality
    • alfi-aws [Optional] AWS integration, providing coordinate discovery for AwsLambda and AwsEc2
    • alfi-apache-http-client [Optional] ALFI injection points for Apache HTTP Client
    • alfi-aws-dynamodb-client [Optional] ALFI injection points for DynamoDB
  • AWS Parameter Store can be used for configuration

Control Plane API [1.3.6]

  • Slack integration issue resolved which was causing a timeout on registration
  • ALFI issue resolved where adding a key to ApplicationCoordinates prevented registeration

Web App

  • Resolved an issue where an attack end time was not displayed accurately
  • Certificates available for download on the team settings page for signature-based auth
  • The ALFI attack details will auto refresh until the attack is complete